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Welcome to Autistic and Pregnant

Autistic and Pregnant. Supporting Autistic Women Through Pregnancy and Beyond.Thank you for stopping by my little corner of the internet!

This site has been set up to provide information and relate-able experiences for pregnant women that are also on the autistic spectrum.

My name is Katrina and I was diagnosed with Autism when I was 21 years old. My life had been a constant struggle prior to my diagnosis. I couldn't understand my behaviour and I couldn't understand why, despite all the therapy and counselling, I couldn't 'get better'. Receiving a diagnosis allowed me to accept who I am and enabled me to understand myself and this in turn led to better understanding of the world around me and the people that occupied it. For me diagnosis was the starting point of a journey of understanding that would enable me to learn to love and respect myself. By understanding myself, I could help others to understand me and by doing this I have managed to build and maintain strong and healthy relationships after many years of trying and failing. Information and understanding has been the key to my success. 

In 2016 my partner and I decided to try for a baby. We knew it would be a big commitment and we talked at length about the implications of being Autistic and being a mother. We knew it would be a challenge but someone, somewhere must have done it? We couldn't be the only couple having this discussion. I naturally had a look at some of the resources I had used to understand my initial diagnosis in the hope of finding some experiences from other autistic mums. Sadly I found very little information for mums with autism. There is a wealth of information about being a mother to a child with autism but very little information available to autistic women who want to become parents. So I decided to set up my own website to share my experiences of pregnancy and beyond to hopefully help women through the transition into motherhood. 

I can't promise that all the information on this site will be uplifting but I can promise that it will be honest and truthful. I will endeavour to capture my journey as best I can to hopefully provide you with a resource that you can relate to. When we first discussed the idea of pregnancy and I searched 'autistic and pregnant' all I got was articles on 'how to avoid autism in pregnancy'. That was hurtful. All I wanted was to find something that said 'yes, autistic women do have babies'. So here it is. I'm autistic, I'm a woman and i'm pregnant! You are not alone, there are autistic women going through pregnancy and motherhood but we're just not talked about enough.

Let's end that now.


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Welcome To Autistic and Pregnant

Thank you for stopping by.

This site has been set up to provide information and relate-able experiences for pregnant women that are also on the autistic spectrum.

You can find out more about me and why I set up this site by clicking here.

I will be updating the site as I go through my pregnancy. I will also be sharing my earlier experiences including my experience of miscarriage. Please check back on a regular basis or SUBSCRIBE via the link above so you don't miss a thing and thank you for supporting me on my journey to raise awareness about mothers on the autistic spectrum. We do exist, we just need people to know we do!

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