A Life Update

Hello readers!

I just wanted to write this post to firstly thank you all for the wonderful support that's been given to me throughout the lifespan of this blog so far. I originally started the blog to help and support those with autism on their journey to becoming parents but the blog has blossomed into more of an online diary of my time as a parent. Whether you've found the blog as a helpful resource throughout your pregnancy or you've joined in following our families adventures I hope you've found this space useful and/or entertaining.

I'll be changing the pace of  the blog until the new year as we're in the process of moving house! Our new house is a definite fixer upper and the plan was to be in and cracking on with it well before Christmas but as everyone knows things don't always go to plan so we're only just arranging completion dates almost 8 months after our initial offer was accepted! It's been a tough few months living out of boxes so to avoid getting too stressed i'm going to take a step back from some things so I can throw myself into the house and get it clean and livable for the festive period.

I'll be trying to keep up with my regular Living Arrows posts if possible as I love writing those and pouring over the hundreds of photos of Iris we take in a week and choosing just one!

Thank you for all your support, 
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