Welcome to autisticandpregnant.com. If you'd like to find out more about why I set up this online space then please read 'Why This Site Is So Important'. To find out more about 'The Family' read on...

Age: 31, Based in the East Midlands. Enjoys walking, reading, motherhood. Partial to wearing cringe-worthy homemade fancy dress outfits. DIY Enthusiast. Loves Christmas, food and knowing pointless bits of information.

Age:31. Lifelong supporter of Doncaster Rovers. Lover of Formula One. All round good guy, fantastic daddy and the calming influence in the chaos of life. Also partial to a fancy dress outfit. 

Age: 16 months. Obsessed with The Greatest Showman, Big Block Sing Song and Justin Timberlake. Enjoys climbing where she shouldn't, sharing food with the dog and all kinds of books. Can regularly be found at the local library singing with friends or in the swimming pool loving life. Hasn't escaped the fancy dress.

Physical Age: 8 years old. Mental Age: Puppy. Enjoys licking faces and nibbling ears. Dislikes rain, surprises and pigeons. Loyal companion and significant part of the support network. Partial to wearing a flat cap.

So that's the family! If you'd like more information about working with us check out our Work With Us page. 

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